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Earth Thrives

Think Global, Act Local
EarthThrives tells the story of what
is Green, Sustainable and Local
for the Pioneer Valley, MA!
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Four easy steps and you're on your way.
(Wouldn't it be nice if a greener planet was this simple?)

Step 1 - Choose a plan that's right for you or your business. If you are representing a non-profit or community group, skip to Form our Grassroots.

Step 2 - Register for EarthThrives. This step is free for everyone and lasts forever. With your free registration you can submit relevant links, opt-in to our e-news, and receive special notifications.

Step 3 - Send us your annual fee using the "Join Now" button below. As soon as we receive your dues, we will upgrade your account so you can get all the benefits we promised (like PR submission and access to the Hot Topics Forum).

Step 4- Start contributing! Add events to the calendar, relevant links to share, and send us your PR. If you're one of our Grassroots members, you can also visit the Hot Topics Forum and start dialoguing.

Help us Pollinate
Annual Fee Benefits Impact

Business Member

Butterfly $250
  • Event and press release posting
  • Newsletter
  • Special
  • Submit unlimited relevant links

Committed to improving the
environmental profile of
economic activity in our region.

Become a part of the rising wave of change in our area and show
the rest of the community how
important unity is.

Individual Member

Honey Bee $50
  • Submit stories
  • Receive event
  • Post events
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Special
  • Submit unlimited
    relevant links

Website Registration


  • Newsletter subscription
  • Special
  • Submit unlimited
    relevant links

Be aware of what’s going on in your community!

Form our Grassroots
Annual Cost Benefits Impact

Small Non-profits &
Community Groups

(annual revenue under $500k)

Sprouting Seed FREE
  • Unlimited link
  • Event
    and press release posting
  • Access to
    the environmental
    hot topics debate forum

Get your word out and be more
visible to the community!

Attract potential volunteers,
donors and collaborators.

Your financial contribution will
help other nonprofits fulfill our
common mission.

Med. Non-profits &
Community Groups

(annual revenue $500k-$2,999,999)

Grape Vine $100

Large Non-profits &
Community Groups

(annual revenue $3 million and over)

Oak Tree $500


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We are supporting this site out-of-pocket. We appreciate your contribution to an important local resource. (Non-profit status is pending!)